WMR, Wendy's Multipurpose Ruler
WMR, Wendy's Multipurpose Ruler
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Westalee multi purpose ruler

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I was after a ruler that had the basics templates on one ruler for the designs that I use often. This was a right angled ruler for straight lines and with a horizontal registration line it is also easier to do diagonal cross hatching when the registration line is parallel to the base of the cross hatching and I find the right angle is useful for many other designs too

The 2 different depths for the C curve is very useful for doing swags on a border or sashing and also for around a 4" block, having this swag it is easy to do feathers or similar off each side and makes a delicate vein that is not too wide for the feathers/swag. Do one set then reverse the ruler and do another set and you have a lovely oval frame that makes a nice basis for feather designs.

I do a lot of circles and to be able to do both inside and outside circles and also to match up to do a full circle, I find this very helpful when I want to do random circles or when I need the option to do an inside or outside half circle if I need to do them either up or down along a sashing.

The small cutout at the outside junction of the right angle is very useful when I want a guide for SID

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